Thursday, December 31, 2009

Demi Allah

Today is a sad day for me as the High Court have ruled against KDN......

I ask Islam not the Religion of the Federation

I ask Agong not the Head of Islam in our Federation

I ask myself....Who is supposed to act of behalf of Agong it not the Government, The Legislators and the Judiciary?

One of the branch have failed must now ask is it because the sitting Judge is a staunch Christian?

Should a non Muslim judge sits on Muslim Matters of National Importance?

Looking ahead...the Court of Appeal awaits us.....and eventually the Federal Court....

Demi Allah....this battle is not over yet..........


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If you are wondering what the potential effects of this ruling.......

Read here at your own risk...these are not my words just online public data observations

The Story of Kamariah

And check this out too..

Yet, despite the obstacles, some Christian proselytizers are busy.

The Rev. Kumar — not his real name — recalls the religious police rattling his front gate in the middle of the night. The warning was clear.

"But I am not afraid," Mr. Kumar said. "My work is God's will and I have a worthy cause to fight for. [Malays] have a right to find Jesus."

His evangelical church has 12 branches throughout Malaysia and 30 affiliates, and Mr. Kumar estimates that 100 Muslims are converting to Christianity every month in the country. He said there has been a marked increase in interest in the past three years, since the September 11 attacks in the United States. A royal family and the daughter of a former prime minister are among his list of converts. Christian groups estimates that there are 30,000 Malay converts in the country

more on Mr Kumar Secret activities here

As we all know there is no public data on Malay Conversion to Christianity.....but if we were to deduce from Mr Kumar's activities .......I would expect the number could run into 100K ...imagine 30 years from now folks..........

One translator spoke under the condition of anonymity

"The negative impact of not using it is that it would make it harder for a Muslim to pick up a Bible."

I've said this before.....the Malays Muslims in Malaysia is the MINORITY population group from Regional Point of View....Religious activity propagated by a Well Funded International Network has no Geographical Boundaries........

to the Official Protector of Islam in Malaysia......Do what you need to do...
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