Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Bursa Down............Again!!!

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 24 (Bernama) -- Trading on Bursa Malaysia Securities Bhd is suspended for the afternoon session following a technical problem with its trading system.

In a statement, the exchange operator said the derivatives market will, however, continue to trade as normal but there will not be any underlying KLCI feed for the FKLI (futures) and OKLI (options) trading.

All market participants have been duly notified and will be updated periodically of the progress.

Bursa Malaysia is investigating the problem and will notify the market of any updates.


No need to say much about this many times already this year...

Exchanges mission critical trading system is supposed to operate in a "Hot Back Up" i.e. building real time redundancies when your main system is down, the other one will automatically take over to ensure continuous trading activity, and if that goes down, your remote backup will take over, within a few hours.

Which heads will roll this time around? Last time i "heard" that they did not follow proper procedure to bring the system up.....

Exchanges which operate in a monopoly situation typically have the "monopolistic" mentality that "its OK ,they still have to use us"......wake up Bursa!!!, the financial world is changing and you must have proper system to support the development of our Capital market and to instill market confidence that Malaysian Capital Market Infrastructure meets minimum international standards.

YUSLI know what to do......Give Malaysia our Christmas Present............RESIGN Now


  1. bro

    A few possibilities:

    1. Poor maintenance culture
    2. No maintenance cultre
    3. Poor training
    4. No training
    5. Software bug
    6. Hardware bug
    7. UPS failure
    8. No UPS
    9. No f***ing idea

    I think it is possibility No.9

  2. 10. Bad Solution to begin with, someone pocketed BIG money on this deal, the whole development team have gone thru various cycles, a couple of Project managers, CIO, CTO already fired...but BIG Boss gets to stay (Remember , Bursa got listed around the same period that they decided to buy this ATOSEURONEXT system) Just look at their so called Bursa Bond took them almost 4 years to get ready something that can be done in 9months max......Bad Project Managers, Bad Implementation Team, Bad Internal Team who do not understand the need of the market......nor be able to undertake effective solution support..and vendor is crappy.


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